199 Steps

Leading the way up to St Mary’s Church and Whitby Abbey are Whitby’s famous 199 Steps. Since the 14th century, these steps have been a staple in Whitby’s heritage. Originally being made of wood, the stone Steps are now marked every 10 steps by Roman Numerals

The 199 Steps are more than just an attraction, serving Whitby in many ways down the years. These steps are always one of the main attractions for visitors, but why exactly are they so popular?

Whitby Abbey Church Cemetry

Why venture to the top?

The main reason tourists ascend to the top is the views from the top of the East Cliff. The East Cliff boasts excellent views of Whitby, overlooking the town centre and harbour. However, it is halfway up where arguably the best views are; popular with photographers for the view of the beach.

Historically, on the other hand, the 199 Steps were used as a test of dedication, to allow people to worship in St Mary’s Church. Pre-1800s, those buried in St Mary’s Church Graveyard would be carried up the 199 Steps before being laid to rest.

Even if you don’t think you can brave the climb, you can still climb the East Cliff. There’s a cobbled path partnering the steps, making for an easier walker, as well as benches on the steps. Alternatively, to see everything Whitby has to offer on the way up, by jumping on a Whitby tour bus.

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