Crabbing in Whitby

Whitby Harbour is part of Whitby town centre, joining together the East Cliff and West Cliff sides of town. During the Easter and summer breaks the harbour becomes crowded with people wanting to go crabbing in Whitby. And given how popular Whitby is for seafood, especially scampi, it is no surprise!

Across the town centre are plenty of places you can get crabbing equipment, so why not spend an afternoon crabbing? Nets, Buckets, Lines, you name it, take in the sun and see how many you can catch. Here in the harbour, you are surrounded by Fish & Chips restaurants if you want something easy to eat as you crab.

Whitby is always a popular place for both breaks and holidays, most definitely the case in summer. So, find the most suitable place to stay with Whitby Holiday Rentals, who have three apartments to choose from.

Why is Crabbing so popular in Whitby?

Historically known for its maritime history and harbour, Whitby has always been popular for crabbing. The most popular place to go crabbing in Whitby is around the swing bridge, for the best results. Just carefully tie the line around the bucket, make it comfy for the crab with seawater and seaweed then wait.

Crabbing is part of most family holidays away to Whitby, a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Despite being a popular location for seafood, our harbour crabs are inedible, due to size. So, we strongly urge you to put them back into the water safely.

This is an extremely popular activity in Whitby, during the warmer months, so why not test your luck?

Self-Accommodating Whitby Apartments

Whitby Holiday Rentals have three apartments to choose from for your stay in Whitby. Choose from Garden Oasis, Harbour Penthouse and Havelock Close, three luxury apartments you could be staying in. Each of these apartments are in the heart of Whitby. And within walking distance of all the attractions.

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Crabbing in Whitby