A Happy New Year from Whitby Holiday Rentals

Wishing All of Our Customers the best for 2022

Whitby Holiday Rentals want to take this opportunity to wish all of our Customers the best for 2022! Everyone at WHR is grateful for the care put into keeping our rentals as welcoming as possible for newcomers and regulars alike.  A big thank you to the locals too, for keeping Whitby as tidy and as welcoming as possible for our holiday-goers.

With 2021 being such a hectic year, it is now time to relax and welcome the New Year, 2022.


Our Holiday Rentals

If 2022 is going to be as memorable as 2021, you will certainly need to book a lovely holiday away to a beautiful setting, so why not unwind in Whitby? Whitby is our beloved Yorkshire seaside town, with plenty to do in the town centre and its surrounding areas. Whitby Holiday Rentals are proud to boast three of the most remarkable retreats in the whole of Whitby.

Choose one of our 3 different rentals: The Harbour Penthouse, The Garden Oasis and Havelock Court Apartment.

The Harbour Penthouse offers excellent views of the harbour, on the top floor of Jutland House. Best suited for families, there are two double bedrooms, and a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. With everything you need being downstairs – in the heart of Whitby.

The Garden Oasis lies on the ground floor of a Georgian townhouse, with a contemporary décor. This is the perfect place to spend your luxury romantic getaway, with everything you need being a short walk away. You will have everything from a king-size double bedroom, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and even a private patio.

The Havelock Apartment is a cosy garden apartment, for both families and couples alike. Like our other rentals, here you will have a fully equipped kitchen, a double and twin bedroom, as well as an outdoor seating area. This is tucked away just by the foot of the town centre, making for a comfortable, relaxing environment.


Book Your Holiday Early This Year

Whitby Holiday Rentals look forward to welcoming holiday-goers to Whitby in 2022, no matter if you are a familiar face or a new-comer. Whitby is popular for both breaks and holidays all year round.  Make sure to book early this year, especially if you are thinking about spending time in Whitby this coming Summer.

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