Pannett Art Gallery

Situated in the tranquil setting of Pannett Park, Pannett Art Gallery is the home to Whitby’s fine art collections. Showcasing art from local artists, past and present, there are plenty of paintings for you to absorb. With work from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

New collections and exhibitions are always being added, so if you frequently visit Whitby we suggest making multiple visits.  Entry to the gallery is free and accessible for all, with a step-free entrance at the back. Located just next to Whitby Museum, you are just outside the town centre. Making the Art Gallery very easy to reach!

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What’s on show at Pannett Art Gallery?

Pannett Art Gallery was opened by Alderman Pannett to preserve and showcase local watercolour paintings. However, nowadays The Gallery is split into two main art collections: the Staithes Collection and the Weatherill Collection.

The Staithes Collection is work from the Staithes Group, local Impressionists who painted as a group between 1894 – 1909. Local art became increasingly popular in the late 19th century. Capturing the colourful countryside and gorgeous coastal areas. The Staithes took inspiration from everyday life in North Yorkshire, mimicking the beauty of it in their work.

Two generations of Weatherill artists were active during the same period, the family focused specifically on Whitby. The Weatherill Collection consists of many different shots of Whitby, from the town centre to the countryside. These paintings have become known nationwide for their consistent and recognisable style.

Pannett Art Gallery

Book your trip away to Whitby

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