By following the coastline from Whitby Beach you will eventually reach the peaceful village of Sandsend. Sandsend is where the countryside and beaches meet, with Whitby just on the horizon. Only being a three mile walk from Whitby Beach.

This small strip overlooks a gorgeous beach, an ideal setting to enjoy a summer afternoon. And if the peace doesn’t last long, you can always go back to your WHR accommodation. Whitby itself has plenty of different attractions for many fun days out.

Sandsend Village

Historically a fishing village, Sandsend is now a place of golden sands and beautiful views.  Plenty of visitors take the short walk down the beach from Whitby to enjoy a seaside dinner or a drink. Choose from Sandside Café, The Fish Cottage, Estbek House and the Hart Inn.

The beach is certainly the place to go, a much more peaceful beach compared to the hustle and bustle of Whitby. Here you are welcome to build sandcastles, take kayaks out to sea and take in the sun. It is important to note that dogs are only welcome during the summer months.

Outside of the beach and the sea view is the Turnstone Gallery, a place filled with local art. And nearby is the Sandsend Trail, a once industrialised setting reclaimed by nature. For an even more peaceful retreat we recommend an afternoon at Sandsend Road Spa.


Apartments in North Yorkshire

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