The Cinder Track

The Cinder Track from Whitby to Scarborough is arguably the most recognised walk in North Yorkshire. Being such a long walk, not many people do the whole walk in one day. However, it’s recommended for cyclists and even dog walkers picking and choosing which parts they will walk down.

A 22 Mile route going from Whitby town centre all the way down to Scarborough, there is plenty to see. You will be passing through: Hawkser, Robin Hood’s Bay, Fylinghall, Ravenscar, Hayburn Wyke, Cloughton, Burniston and Scalby. Our recommendation is going to Hawkser to rent a bike so you can explore as much of this path as possible.

Cinder Track Whitby to Scarborough

The Cinder Track was an old railway line, abandoned in 1965, and now making for a scenic walking route. Across your journey you will encounter different terrains, beaches, hills, countryside, bridges and more. The path also crosses over with the Cleveland Way, if you would prefer a shorter walk to Robin Hoods Bay.

It is recommended that experienced walkers do this walk across two days, considering how long it can be. On the other hand, for families, it is best spending a day in each town if you’re on a holiday. Other people choose to make this a pub crawl from town to town – approach the Cinder Track however you’d please!

Scarborough is the biggest seaside town in North Yorkshire, with plenty to do. From amusement rides to spa days, this is a must-see during your stay, very much being the entertainment hub

Viaduct Whitby

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