Visit the Dracula Experience

Take a walk into town and you will find the Dracula Experience paying homage to the famous terrifying love story of love and bloodlust.

You may not realise before you arrive in Whitby that one of the things most associated with the Town is Bram Stoker’s renowned novel ‘Dracula’.

This is because the novel was inspired whist Bram Stoker stayed in the Whitby and where he found inspiration for his book.  In fact, it was Whitby Abbey and the 199 Steps on the West Cliff, surrounded by St Mary’s gothic church that inspired the writer to pen the story.

Dracula Whitby

Dracula Experience paying homage to the novel!

Fancy a bit of a fright? Then, relive the horror of Dracula at Whitby’s Dracula Experience, a unique tour detailing the history behind the Vampire. Complete with live actors, wax figures, special effects and much more, to recapture the eerie atmosphere of the book.

We definitely think this is a place for those that like fun and enjoy a little bit of a thrill. To add to this the building itself is also said to be haunted and holds paranormal nights, on the first Saturday of every month.

The Dracula Experience has been updated year on year for the past few years. So even if you have before you there may be a new layout to be experience. Or,  before still take an unwitting companion!

What’s in-store at the Dracula Experience?

As you pass through the eerie entranceway and past the wax figure of Dracula, you are greeted with displays. Many different artifacts and props related to both the novel and films, as an audio track plays explaining the link between Dracula and Whitby. On top of this, there is a 10-minute short film to watch too, with many references to the original book.

As mentioned there are many wax figures to admire, with live actors in the shadows ready to scare you. These live actors will also play out eight different scenes from the book, as a brief visual overview.

All throughout this time are different sound effects to give you the chills. As well as plenty to read, watch and ask about to learn about the history of Dracula.

Pop in during your stay in Whitby

The Dracula Experience is a very entertaining place to go for a quick half-an-hour of chills. It is within walking distance of apartments too, so Whitby Holiday Rentals definitely recommend it.

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