Whitby Arcades

What’s a seaside getaway without going down to the arcades for hours of fun? Being a very popular seaside town, Whitby, of course, has its fair share of arcades with plenty to do. Seafront arcades can only mean a really entertaining night of family fun.

There are two arcades along the foot of the East Cliff: Funland Amusements and Pleasureland. These two Whitby arcades are always packed with people in the summer. Yet, remain packed with prizes and high-scores to beat all year round.

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Whitby Arcades

Funland Amusements is your traditional British arcade place, with neon lights and having many different machines. For instance, crane machines, coin machines, arcade games, fruit machines and much more.

Pleasureland is more than just an arcade, having more than just your typical arcade machines. Pleasureland Whitby also offers pirate mini golf and ten-pin bowling – quite literally meaning you can end up spending hours here. In addition there is an ice cream bar with different flavours – plenty to do after a day exploring Whitby.

Here, you are not only in the centre of Whitby, in the harbour, but you are surrounded everything. Why not grab a delicious portion of fresh Fish & Chips at an award-winning chippy? Or, alternatively, a walk down to the beach or up to the Abbey?

Whitby Amusements

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