Whitby Museum

It is always intriguing finding out about the local history of your holiday location, who knows what you may uncover? This definitely applies to Whitby, having a rich history of maritime activity, myth and local culture. Being founded around the year 657, Whitby is of course filled with artifacts across history – Whitby Museum being a popular attraction.

Lying within the beautiful Pannett Park is Whitby Museum, the independent Victorian museum dedicated to Whitby’s local history. With over 80,000 artifacts donated to the Museum, there is plenty to see and learn. And to add to this, the Museum is also complimented by Pannett Art Gallery, showcasing both old and contemporary work.

Being just outside the town centre, Whitby Museum is a must-see during your stay in Whitby. Open 10:30am – 16:30 Tuesday to Saturday, enjoy an interesting tour and afternoon tea here at the Museum.

What is there to see?

As Whitby is a seaside town, Whitby Museum is, of course, filled with treasure, local fossils and model ships. Here you can learn about Whitby’s history of Whaling, Natural Science and Captain James Cook. Even to this day you can walk along the shoreline to see where some these artifacts were found.

For a more familiar sight, learn about the Social History of Whitby. Browse old antiques, everyday objects of days gone by, and traditional textiles from locals. For tourists, there are also collections of artifacts from Whitby Abbey, some as old going back to Anglo-Saxon times.

There are also a lot of animals, both birds and mammals from the 19th and 20th centuries. A few being extinct, but mainly showing how wildlife has changed in Whitby down the generations.

Hand of Glory Whitby Museum

Want to visit Whitby Museum during your stay?

There is no need to book here, but you will be charged an admission fee. Children go free, £7 for Adults, £5 each for Groups of 10+. Whitby Residents, Art Fund Members, Yorkshire Museum Volunteer Pass and Help for Heroes all go free.

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